Betrayal Love

“‘It seems like you’re more eager right now? Anyway I don’t believe in love or any kind of this shit. Love doesn’t exist in the world. Love just an illusion of boy and matter of money of girl. And I hate the word of love because it’s only fake and it’s snatch away many things from my life,’ Josh said in a heavy voice remembering something from past.” (Betrayal Love, Chapter Two)

“I spend all day thinking about what should I do with her. If I want I can make her my mistress simply. But I was bored by slutty girls. It will be not interesting to do this time also…Anyway, From many days I was willing to do a love drama with a girl…Now I think Avani is the one with whom I can play my love game easily.” (Betrayal Love, Chapter Nine)

Avani has been insulted and mocked all her life; as an orphan, she has no surname or real identity. While Avani hates her life, Josh is thoroughly enjoying his. He is handsome and wealthy, with a different beautiful woman on his arm and in his bed every evening. He believes that all women are secretly gold diggers who will never truly love the men they are with. When Josh tries to destroy the bakery that Avani works in, the two will be thrown together by fate.

Josh is captivated by the outspoken Avani and offers her a deal; if she agrees to have sex with him, he will no longer threaten her boss’s life. Avani slaps the billionaire and refuses his offer, angering him. Josh plans on drawing Avani into a game of love, planning to make her fall in love with him before breaking her heart. Avani tries to hide, but she is drawn into Josh’s web of lust and unexpected romance. Will Josh learn the value of love, or will Avani be forced to abandon the man of her dreams?

In an interesting addition to the story, this novel provides character outlines at the start of the work. The personalities, histories, and dreams of each major character are provided for the reader. I think this was an interesting choice that may be loved by some readers and hated by others. By outlining the main characters, the reader is unable to discover these things on their own. One of the best parts of reading a novel is slowly discovering the backstories and goals of each character, along with their looks and personality. This “Character Sketch” is not necessary to the story, but may be a nice touch for some readers.

This novel has a lot of issues with grammar; specifically, it struggles with verb tense. This puts the work in the awkward position of being slightly understandable, but not very smooth or enjoyable to read. Even when the verb tense is correct, the writing is difficult to read and comprehend. I understand that English may not be the author’s first language, but Betrayal Love is a difficult read because of its poor writing and grammar.

In too many romances, the coldhearted billionaire playboy locks eyes on the poor and unloved orphan girl and immediately lusts after her body and soul. In this novel, Josh’s appreciation of Avani is a mix of lust and burning hatred after she made him look like a fool. This is almost more realistic to me; Josh remains interested in Avani, even though he has hundreds of glamorous women available to him, because he is fueled by spite, rather than simple lust.

Josh’s only real relationship with a woman exists outside of the parameters of love and affection. Natasha is his best friend, though Josh makes it clear that he only spends time with her because she is the daughter of the billionaire, which assures him that she is not after his money. She is, however, after his heart. Josh doesn’t seem to care that she loves him, keeping her around because it is convenient for him. If Josh becomes a better man under the love of Avani, I am willing to bet that it will be a long and difficult transformation.

Josh wants to trick Avani into falling in love with him so that he can break her heart. But he also doesn’t believe that women are capable of love; he thinks that women only love the money and gifts that they can earn from a relationship with a wealthy man. I was confused on what his goals are moving forward. He wants her to fall in love, but he truly believes that women are incapable of love. Betrayal Love seems confused about its core beliefs and messages.

This may be a small point, but I think it speaks to the overall realism of the novel. Avani is taunted and mocked because she does not have a surname. She grew up an orphan, meaning that she has no claim to a certain family or their name. However, the novel tries to make the reader believe that she has no last name at all. Even for the purpose of government documents and other paperwork.  The story is set in modern day London, so I’m confused about why Avani wasn’t assigned a legal last name and why everyone chooses to mock her for it.

This novel is a bit of a mess. Betrayal Love struggles with its writing, making it a difficult read. The novel is in desperate need of an editor; as it stands now, the novel is basically unreadable, making it unenjoyable. The content of Betrayal Love is also very difficult to fully understand.