Billionaire’s Innocent Wife

“‘Well that was quite easy Mike. Two years ago, everyone laughed at my decision and told me that I am a fool to get married to someone like Jenny, who neither belong to my status nor a compatible partner for me but I knew, I knew it from the very first day that she is everything that I need in my wife. A girl who is too innocent for the outer world, a girl who worship me like God, a girl who like a dutiful wife takes care of my every need yet never messes with my personal life.’” (Billionaire’s Innocent Wife, Chapter One)

“I become a little emotional when the memories of those beautiful moments trespass my mind. Those days were complete bliss. I closed my eyes, and his handsome face flashes in front of my eyes. ‘I love you Mike and more than love, I trust you. I know you will never do something that will question my belief on our relationship.’ I opened my eyes and caress my engagement ring, that was the symbol of our love, our trust.” (Billionaire’s Innocent Wife, Chapter Four)

Mike was having a great night; after drinking alongside his friends at one of the hottest clubs in the world, he had sex with a beautiful and enticing stranger. His evening is interrupted by a call from his wife Jenny, who feels bad that he is putting in so many hours at the office. She wonders when he will be home and is sad that Mike does not remember the significance of the day. Mike has forgotten their two year anniversary, though he promises to make it up to his sweet and innocent wife.

Jenny is disappointed that her husband forgot their two year anniversary, though she does everything she can to keep him from feeling guilty about his mistake. She fondly remembers their first meeting; he was introduced by his sister, the woman married to Jenny’s brother. What she doesn’t know is that Mike had to be married before he was twenty-four or he would forfeit a large inheritance from his grandfather. She is also unaware that his business trips are really booze soaked and sex filled vacations with his friends

When Jenny attends a party with Mike, she is assaulted by the host while the hostess attempts to seduce Mike. Mike hadn’t wanted to bring Jenny in the first place, believing her to be too stupid and naïve to navigate a society party. As the story continues, will Jenny learn the truth about her marriage to Mike? Will Mike learn that happiness can be found with the Jenny, despite her innocence?

This is a really frustrating novel. In a contemporary romance, it is helpful to like at least one of the characters, whether that is the female protagonist or the male love interest.  This novel makes it difficult to like either of them.  While its grammar and style could use some work, the problems with Billionaire’s Innocent Wife falters and fails with its content.

Jenny inexplicably loves Mike, even though he is rarely home and is constantly disappointing her.  Even his kind actions are tinged with unfulfilled expectations; Jenny is shocked when Mike asks her to accompany him to a dinner party because he has never done so before. In their two years of marriage, he has never taken his wife to an event! Jenny basically stays locked up in their home, desperately awaiting the return of a man who does not love or appreciate her.

Jenny is a naïve pushover who is honestly pretty annoying to follow. After Mike ignores her for six days while on vacation with his friends, she quickly forgives him after he shows the smallest amount of guilt. What’s worse, she beats herself up for making him feel bad, trying to spare his feelings at all times. Mike is the epitome of horrible human being. I understand that Jenny is supposed to be innocent, but her love for her horrendous husband has clearly blinded her to his very obvious faults.

I don’t mind arranged marriage plots. I believe that they can be really fun and entertaining, but this novel’s marriage of convenience does not have me eagerly turning to the next chapter. Why didn’t Mike just tell Jenny that he needed to marry someone before his twenty-fourth birthday in order secure his inheritance? Why string the poor girl along, pretending to love her, they could have very simply had a marriage of convenience? I think the answer comes from the fact that Mike wants to be worshipped; something that Jenny is willing to do, making him a sleazy husband and terrible person.

The only reason I kept reading was because the author was assuring their readers that Mike will be hit with a mountain of karma. I am curious what form this karma will take (hopefully it will be of a particularly brutal nature). Without the assurance of retribution and karma, I wouldn’t blame any reader for stopping after the first few chapters. Mike is a real asshole and Jenny is pretty pathetic, a combination that does not make for a great romance novel.

While Billionaire’s Innocent Wife tries to create a new and unique story from the classic romance trope of marriage of convenience, it falls flat. While the writing is not painfully bad, it could be improved by a second pair of eyes. Overall, the real problems with this novel stem from its characters. Both Jenny and Mike are unlikable, making the work only worth the read if the author keeps their promises and hits Mike with a metric ton of karma.