Billionaire’s Virgin

“You want speed? I’ll give you speed? It seemed funny until my eyes locked that of a man in sunglasses when I turned back to see who it was. I gasped when I realized that the man behind the wheels was no other than the rich man that had been in his car yesterday. Shit! I increased my speed and made my way through the streets. Right on cue, he did the same. The chase was on.” (Billionaire’s Virgin, Chapter Four)

“Sebastian’s eyes looked like they were about to pop just from hearing my information. He cleared his throat and moved back a few inches. ‘A virgin huh?’

‘Don’t talk about it.’ I snapped at him. I found it shameful being a virgin at eighteen. I was scared to tell the world I was afraid of sex. I had seen Nikita have sex and it was scary.” (Billionaire’s Virgin, Chapter Seven)

Gigi and Nikita are scammers that use their good looks and charms to make money from unsuspecting men through lies and sex. Gigi saves the life of her friend when they are attacked by one of their marks, an older man named Pablo, by dragging another unsuspecting man into the situation. While Nikita performs in erotic shows and has sex with her boyfriend Mike, Gigi prepares to go to the local high school, in which she is a student.

On the way, Gigi is kidnapped by the man who saved her and Nikita. His name is Sebastian and he demands that Gigi repay him the twenty thousand he spent to save their lives. Gigi offers sex with Nikita as payment, but Sebastian would rather have sex with her. Gigi, a virgin, refuses, though Sebastian does not quickly forget her after she runs away. When he comes to her with an incredible offer, Gigi must decide whether to accept his strange request and be in danger of losing her heart along the way.

This novel has more erotica than actual plot. The work may have begun as a compilation of sex scenes that were then glued together by the thinnest of plots. This isn’t a problem per se, but the novel does struggle to find its footing as a literary work. The scenes of sex and erotica are written in a sex positive way, though their graphic nature may not be suitable for all audiences.

The description of the lives of the characters gave me more questions than answers. Nikita and Gigi earn money by scamming unsuspecting men, and Nikita does sex work as well. Nikita is one of the most sought after sex workers in the city, performing in shows that net her five thousand dollars in a night. However, she is very young (she is saving her earnings for college). Does everyone know that this young girl, a high schooler, is moonlighting as a sex worker? While I admired Nikita’s confidence and good nature, I want to learn more about her life, not just her personality and sexual experience.

I am also curious about Gigi’s life. The reader knows that she lives with her grandmother, but I am curious why her guardian does not worry more about her granddaughter. Gigi is scamming men and attending illegal sex shows, all while apparently juggling high school, though this part of her life is glossed over. Do her classmates know about her very interesting life after school? Where are Gigi’s parents? I have a feeling that Gigi has a fairly tragic background, a backstory that might help readers to better understand her hopes, dreams, and goals.

In the description of the novel’s plot, Sebastian offers Gigi a billion dollars in exchange for a child. Not a million dollars; a billion dollars. I am willing to suspend disbelief for just about anything. Random billionaire becomes obsessed with an awkward high school girl? Sure! Young girl falls in love with a cruel and dangerous man, melting his cold heart? Great! But someone is paying a billion dollars for a baby? A billion? I have so many questions, but the most important is to wonder if the author knows the astronomical and unbelievable value of one billion dollars. Amongst the many questionable and truly absurd scenes in this novel, this part of the plot takes the cake.

A positive point of this novel was its relative sex positivity. Gigi doesn’t judge Nikita for her sex work, even though the young woman is very protective of her own virginity. The two are good friends to another and any drama between the two comes from more ordinary problems, instead of Nikita’s sex work and erotic performances. This is a novel that is fairly judgement free, something that is not always seen in the romance genre. The two friends also support their friend’s desire to have gender reassignment surgery, though the language in the novel is not always perfect in this area.

Overall, this novel may be categorized alongside novels like Fifty Shades of Grey; it fails both as an erotic and literary work, though it will be enjoyed by many. The fact that the male love interest is willing to pay one billion dollars (!) for a baby and the many questions produced by the plot makes this an often unbelievable work. Its sex positivity, however, does elevate the work.  However, to some, Billionaire’s Virgin will be a diamond in the rough.