Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife

“It was not the first time that Mu Qiqi had to take the blame.  Every time tears rolled from Mu Tangxue cheeks, the same thing would happen even if they were outside home.  There were times when Mu Qiqi actually thought about marrying the son of her family’s sworn enemy and annoy her own parents to death! It was just that she did not expect it to happen soon.” (Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife, Chapter One)

“Sheng Xiao was dangerous and tyrannical, ever ruthless and true to his own words. Nevertheless, his stubbornness was backed by his unparalleled ability! Was it Mu Qiqi’s fortune or misfortune to have such a man willing to help her?” (Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife, Chapter Six)

Mu Qiqi has lived as her twin sister’s scapegoat all her life; she is now being kicked out of the family and blamed for the death of her grandmother, despite the fact that it was Mu Tangxue who caused the fatal overdose. She is sent to live with her alcoholic uncle and his wife.  While working at a medical clinic, she saves the life of a former classmate, Sheng Xiao. Intrigued by the girl who helped him, the young man saves Mu Qiqi after she was kidnapped and sold by her uncle and his thuggish friends.

Sheng Xiao provides a home for Mu Qiqi and her aunt, arranging for the seventeen year old to enter a prestigious school in order to continue her education. Mu Qiqi is intrigued by the handsome Sheng Xiao; though he likes to tease her, he appears to have a heart of gold. With the encouragement and backing of Sheng Xiao, Mu Qiqi stands up to her treacherous sister and her cruel family.  Without the distractions of a scheming sister, Mu Qiqi does well in school to the pleasure of Sheng Xiao.

While Mu Qiqi has quickly fallen for her protector, the feelings of Sheng Xiao are harder to discern.  As the two become closer, their relationship will be built on attraction, affection, and the desire to destroy the Mu family.

This is a really cute story.  I enjoyed the relationship between Sheng Xiao and Mu Qiqi because it grows naturally.  Their love is unforced, blooming as they spend more time together and learn more about one another.  Though Sheng Xiao plays the part of dashing prince charming, his relationship with Mu Qiqi is not automatically romantic. As Sheng Xiao’s ward, the author could have positioned Mu Qiqi at a disadvantage with her wealthy and powerful protector.  However, the two characters treat each other as brother and sister, allowing their romantic relationship to start on more equal terms once their feelings for each other have become clear.

Sheng Xiao is the perfect romance love interest because he can be handsome and mysterious without being cold and cruel to Mu Qiqi.  Romances too often rely on cruel behavior from their male characters, making it the female lead’s job to humanize the man by “discovering” the kindness beneath his shell of coldness.  In Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife, Sheng Xiao is certainly firm with his subordinates, but he is also funny and charming.  He has a dry sense of humor that brings tension to the story without creating a plot that constantly harms and demeans Mu Qiqi.  If more male love interests were like Sheng Xiao, the romance genre would benefit greatly.

Sheng Xiao encourages Mu Qiqi to stand up for herself.  While he claims that he wants her to become a “bully” like him, his encouragement actually strengthens the young woman’s confidence in herself.  Though he views himself as villainous, he is actually a supportive and kind man.  Because of his encouragement, Mu Qiqi will no longer be a victim in her own life. She will be able to carry this newfound confidence with her for the rest of her life.  She will not need to depend on others because of the inner strength Sheng Xiao has helped her find.

For an often lighthearted story, Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife has a great deal of intrigue and drama.  Mu Tangxue literally killed her grandmother, a point that does not seem to come up often enough.  When Mu Qiqi is blamed for the death of the family matriarch, she is only disowned, instead of, you know, arrested.  I understand that the family would not want to bring gossip down on their own heads, but they seem to have a relaxed view of actual murder.  Mu Tangxue isn’t just a liar and a bully; she is a murderer.  This fact is surprisingly easy to forget in the sometimes silly battles that dot the story.  While seeing Mu Qiqi dump a bowl of porridge over her twin’s head is very satisfying, it is odd how easy it is to forget that the girl covered in porridge is also a literal murderer.

It is nice to see that Mu Qiqi receives love and support from her aunt.  Su Zipei is a kind woman who supports her niece after her husband attempted to sell her into the sex trade.  The story would be very different if Mu Qiqi did not have Su Zipei as a motherly figure to watch over her.  Su Zipei’s presence also legitimizes the interest Sheng Xiao has shown in the young girl, keeping their relationship from appearing scandalous.  Su Zipei is a valuable ally for Mu Qiqi, as well as a source of comfort.

This is a very cute contemporary romance that deals with sweet budding relationships and fantastic revenge. Sheng Xiao is an interesting and engaging male love interest, while Mu Qiqi’s journey towards self-confidence is pleasing to follow.  With daily chapter updates and a blossoming story, Forensic Doctor, Moe Wife is a great romance with well-written characters.