I Have Countless Legendary Swords

“In his past life, he was from Earth, but he passed away before he was able to thoroughly enjoy life.  He played computer games for four days and four nights straight and died suddenly while still at the keyboard. He reincarnated into this world, which seemed like a world of heroes and cultivation from ancient times, but he retained the memories from his past life! Compared to his past life, this life was dramatically better.” (I Have Countless Legendary Swords!, Chapter One)

“He must find Lady Zhao Xuan! Whether dead or alive, he must see her! Not only that, but the Empress of the Great Zhou Empire must pay the price!” (I Have Countless Legendary Swords!, Chapter Three)

Reincarnated into a land of magic and mystery, Zhou Xuanji’s infant body is saved from death by his mother, Lady Zhao Xuan.  Once a favorite concubine of the immortal Emperor Yan of Zhou, the beautiful young woman is forced to flee the palace and submit her son to the mercy of the wilderness in the hopes of saving his life.  Zhou Xuanji promises to take revenge on those who harmed his mother, including the Empress of the empire.  Though not an original member of Zhou Empire, Zhou Xuanji dedicates himself to his new life.

After being saved by a young peasant girl, Zhou Xuanji discovers that his wooden amulet contains a program that gives him the title of “Sword Owner”, a role created in his past life to help the young man in his video games. The system transmigrated alongside Zhou Xuanji, adapting to fit into this new world of cultivation.  He plans to use the cultivation techniques of this land to acquire more swords and gains incredible power in a short amount of time.

Saved and adopted by the six year old Jiang Xue, Zhou Xuanji protects her from those who wish her harm using the Crimson Dragon Sword.  The two become a family, training together and protecting each other from danger.  As he grows in age and strength, Zhou Xuanji solidifies his plans to wreak havoc on those who betrayed his family.

The writing and translation of this work is phenomenal. Every sentence is full of vibrant and descriptive detail. It is an unfortunate truth that some mistakes are not caught during the translation or editing process of online web novels, but this novel does not follow this normal pattern of problems.  I could recommend this work solely on its writing alone.

I prefer transmigration stories in which the main character has transmigrated into the body of a young child, rather than an adult.  This approach is more realistic to me.  Characters that transmigrate into the body of a young man or woman always enter with all the memories of the body’s former soul.  Novels of this type want readers to believe that these memories allow the main character to seamlessly integrate themselves into their new body’s life, raising no suspicions from those around them.  I find it inconceivable that the character would never slip up or make a mistake, arousing curiosity about personality changes after the transmigration.  The transition seems to be smoother when the main character enters the body of a child. This has the added benefit of following a grown character as they have to speak and act like a toddler, which adds humor to the story.

Though he wants to avenge his mother, Zhou Xuanji is not a character obsessed with revenge. The young man does not forego key relationships to concentrate on a singular quest.  The man’s kindness towards Jiang Xue shows a tender and kind core in the heart of the main character.  While other protagonists might worry about their devotion to Jiang Xue being used as a weak point, Zhou Xuanji repays the kindness of the girl ten-fold.  I Have Countless Legendary Swords! blends scenes of action with moments of light-hearted fun and kindhearted relationships.

Though admittedly it can be frustrating at times, I like reading novels that are still updating and adding chapters.  I think that the anticipation for new chapters heightens the effect of the story on readers.  Author Ren Wo Xiao has updated the story frequently, ensuring that readers are not left waiting too long for the next action-packed scene.  Waiting makes the reward all the sweeter, and with fourteen chapters updated weekly, I Have Countless Legendary Swords! has a steady chapter schedule that has its audience eagerly awaiting each update.

I am not normally a fan of cultivation novels, as protagonists are often given “cheat codes” in the forms of amulets, spells, or magical devices.  I Have Countless Legendary Swords! does not change this pattern, but seems to better acknowledge the advantage that the Sword System gives to Zhou Xuanji.  I especially like that his power comes from his own creation, not something that anyone could have stumbled on.  Zhou Xuanji deserves to use this system because he is its inventor, making its use more acceptable to me as a reader

I would recommend this novel to fans of fantasy, transmigration, and cultivation.  With only ninety chapters available at the time of writing, this work has incredible potential and I am curious to see where the story leads its readers.  Zhou Xuanji is a great character to follow, as his determination if paired with a kindness not always seen in protagonists. With a transmigration beginning in infancy, I Have Countless Legendary Swords! is perfect for novice readers and experienced fans of fantasy genres.